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How to wipe the hidden fees completely off of Facebook Ads…and a BUNCH of other digital marketing platforms!

Note: At the end of this article…we’ve got an amazing offer from a partner business to eradicate the hidden fees of Facebook ads 🙂 Facebook and Instagram are the leading advertising channels for most eCommerce businesses globally. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google….all of these platforms are continuing to enjoy the ever-growing use of online in […]

Facebook Analytics is leaving…. What does this mean for you and your business?

Facebook! The social media platform brought to life by American internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg is known worldwide as the default social network…. So why the Zuck’ are they getting rid of Facebook Analytics?! Does it not compete with Google Analytics for supremacy in online data tracking? Well, actually no. Facebook has long been […]

What Facebook’s ban of news in feeds means for the future

Less than a week after Facebook introduced a shock ban of news content to the feeds of its Australian users, the tech giant has backflipped, reversing the ban yesterday afternoon. The decision is one that most of us did not see coming so quickly. This change only reinforces the idea that the volatile digital environment […]

Rise of the ‘gram: Why smart businesses are posting organic content on Instagram and how you can be one of them

It is safe to say, 2010 was one cracker of a year! We met the first Apple iPad, lived through the end of a recession and most importantly, witnessed the launch of the number one photo sharing app; Instagram. This influential platform has now gained one billion active users who, from all across the globe, […]