“Power doesn’t come from content, power comes from content that moves.” – Mark Schaeffer

Don’t get caught out by old social media content habits. For those who are re-assessing how they approach their content and social media marketing, we think that the list below should give you some pretty positive direction.

Number 1: Content is fluid

Stop thinking of content as a video, a blog, or another individual asset. Content really does come down to the story you are telling, and a story can be told in thousands of ways. It can be short, long and countless other descriptors. Look to build content pieces around a core content idea.

Number 2: Social media content can be re-purposed

Furthermore from point number 1, content doesn’t just take different forms but can also be a constant ongoing conversation.

Video doesn’t mean YouTube. Video can be shared on Facebook, in and email to your contacts or on your website. Think about how else your content can be used. You are after all investing resources in it, and you want to make sure it runs the full marathon.

Number 3: Content can be timeless

Sure, fads and phases are always going to be around. However, they are only relevant until they’re not. This doesn’t mean that you have to resort to shamelessly using things like memes and trending content to showcase your business communication. Think deep about your message and ensure that it is clear.

Really good content lasts longer than you think.

Number 4: Social media content needs to be seen to be effective

If you are of the mindset that content will speak for itself and that no ad budget is required to get the word out, then think again. You are often investing time and resources into your content. Whether it’s a video series, a podcast, your blog or other sources, it’s a waste of time to create this content if you are only reaching 10 or 20 people (in most cases).

When you are creating and developing content, always ensure that you have some money put aside to promote this content, and make sure you drive its promotion hard.

Make your content work for you.

Number 5: Content can get you customers

With the right thought and strategy, you will get customers as a result of your content efforts. Have no doubt about that.


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