The world of social media is busy with many messages. Many different, and many very very similar offerings.

No matter how hard we try, we know how to face the reality that the days we could only rely on free social media posting to grow our business online are over. OVER.

Who to thank? Well, first Zuckerberg, for wanting to make is business an even bigger money machine. And then, ourselves for churning out so much freakin’ content that they have to create bidding strategies for it to reach someone! The fact is, social media advertising *can* host the biggest returns out of all your marketing. However, to gain those you need to make sure you’re using some basic activities to improve upon ads.

Ensure your message is on point

Advertising on social can no longer be a side thought. It must be just as thought-out as other marketing messages. If your message is not strong, clear and interesting to your audience, then no amount of tips or hacks are going to help your ad be very effective. This is a very important point.

Run A/B testing
You are on the right track if you are thinking about running A/B testing to improve your ads to drive the best results. We usually start with three ads containing a unique variable each, after a week one ad will usually perform better, this is the one we keep for the rest of the campaign.

Ensure you are choosing a specific audience
Copy is great. Content is great. Imagery is great. But, if you are targeting the right people you aren’t going to see results. We can often fall into the trap of keeping our audiences broad so we ‘don’t miss anyone’ but our fearing of missing out can lead to our ads not being relevant to anyone. Our best campaigns are those which remarket to web traffic and to users that already like our pages. Why? Because people will look at what they know or what resonates with them.

Check your relevance score
In saying that, check in on how your campaigns ad up. You can learn how to check your advertising’s relevancy scores, here: (link:

Ensure your budget is sufficient to reach your audience
It can be tempting to ignore the suggested big range paid ads often provide (thinking back to Zuckerberg’s money making machine), but they are accurate and formulated from more data than we could read, so worth using. However, to play it safe (without failing to reach your audience) begin your campaigns are the low end of this range; your CTR will then give you the real insight on what you should be paying.

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