Content marketing is a bit like Tetris; it is about moving things around and fitting stuff together. Much like Tetris, completing your content marketing plan can also feel impossible. For many companies, it can
become one of the biggest marketing challenges they face.


Luckily, with a great Content Calender you can get past these challenges. A calendar will organize the content you are producing from a daily to monthly basis. Ending the days of scrambling around BuzzSumo
at 9am for an interesting morning tweet…Of course, calendars can only be helpful if they are used. Which is why actually using your content calendar is our foundation tip:


Now for the rest…

2. Plan your campaigns monthly, and before adding anything to the calendar make sure you list relevant national holidays or events and upcoming launches/ sales/ news for your business.

3. Consider your platforms and their individual needs fully, if you are working from an excel spreadsheet, set your cells to have the same word limits as platforms.

4. Think about your content, hard. Is there any urgent questions that are coming from your customers that need addressing by you? Have you made any updates your audience needs to know? Does your brand persona shine through in what you are saying?

5. Don’t worry about thinking too far in advance. Webinar in 2 months? No problem. Planning ahead gives you leeway for a monster build up your campaigns (and to fully prep your team.)

6. Talk to the other departments when organizing your content, don’t shut out your SEO guys (or don’t forget about SEO if that unit doubles up as you.) It is great to keep keywords in mind when putting your content together.

7. Be accountable by sticking to your deadlines. It can be easy to neglect finishing content that seems quick and easy (e.g. a tweet) However if you end up with gaps in your calendar for 30 of those tweets, you are going to find yourself with content that doesn’t stick together.


Game over.


What would be your number 8? Let us know below.

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