It isn’t always easy to talk about yourself. But we’re proud of what we do at Neon Treehouse as a company in Australia, as well as the incredible clients we work with – so we want to share delivered results with you.

For background, we’re an award-winning digital marketing company in Australia, Adelaide and Melbourne to be more specific that loves doing things differently. Our team is a group of bright minds with imaginative solutions for brave, curious and digitally committed brands who want to add a new dimension to their digital presence.

We create custom built strategies and campaigns, and can help you with everything from digital strategy to increase lead generations, to mobile app development, to SEO discovery and more. We’re a multi-solution company that offers full-service digital capabilities from end to end: we’ll help you develop your digital marketing strategy, make sense of things like conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing or enterprise SEO (whether you know what those mean or have never heard of those phrases before alike), and generally be a shoulder to lean on as you enter the digital world for the purposes of increasing sales.

If you’re new to our work, know that we’ll do a deep dive on the current position of your brand and its digital assets. Your brand deserves the attention, and the insight it will give us is incomparable. Then, we’ll be able to develop a strategy that provides clear direction and deliverables. From here, we can build, deploy and scale your strategy through best practice ad campaign management.

We do a lot, to say the very least. Let’s break it down.

Digital Development That Will Make You Stand Out

You may be surprised at the sheer number of marketing companies and agencies in Australia that underestimate the importance of a sound digital strategy. Neon Treehouse wouldn’t dream of taking your digital presence for granted: we realise that a solid strategy is an important foundation for success.

Because every brand and business is different, we go out of our way to create bespoke strategies helping you get the most out of digital. Our full 360 breakdown helps us build your strategy into a powerhouse performer. We’ll build your Google Ads. We’ll design, and develop, your website. We’re across the latest marketing trends, and know what works – and doesn’t – on social media. We’re also clued in on all things UX design, UI and pay per click marketing because we are an all round digital marketing agency. 

By making the effort to understand, on a deep level, the current position of your brand and its digital assets, we can develop a strategy that provides clear direction and deliverables. From here, we can build, deploy and scale your strategy through best practice ad campaign management. That’s why we’re one of Australia’s top digital marketing agencies. 

We Deliver Meaningful (And Useful) Digital Reports

There’s no point getting a report back from a digital agency if you don’t understand what it means. At Neon Treehouse, we know what’s meaningful, useful and applicable to you. If it’s time for a health check, our dedicated teams of professionals have the tools and resources to collect, analyse and then deliver a report on your brand’s overall online performance, with the data that you are looking for.

Content Creation That Meets Your Goals, With Seamless Integration

Business objectives often include content creation as a meant to achieve them, but rarely is additional thought given to it. There are many factors you should be considering: Does it work within the budget? Can we produce within the timeline? Will the content easily work with target segmentation? What platform?

At Neon Treehouse, we know that we can create content that works along with seamless custom web designing. We’ve got creative thinking in spades, and can jump between different formats and services as necessary. Our combined creative and production team consists of writers, designers, animators, directors, and producers – all working to produce quality content for virtually every channel at the ever changing and rapid speed of culture.

Our seamless integration with media ensures that we not only make the best content possible – creative, impactful and insightful for your audience – but that it’s backed by laser-focus targeting and instant analytics. We won’t waste your money.

Website Design And Web Development That Works For You

UX and UI is where we thrive, and our team specialises in designing and developing great websites for both you and your business. Your website is a powerful tool: it’s the only employee that works, 24/7, without a vacation. It’s the only employee that some customers will ever interact with. And it can mean the difference between someone approaching you for a conversation, or seeking out a competitor.

That’s why we know how crucial it is to build a results-driven website that will attract viewers, create leads, increase sales, and enhance your brand’s voice for your business. Whether you’re looking for design and development that’s clean and simple, to something a little more complex, we’re passionate about helping you build, design, host and update your website for your business. 

From design, to design and build, to landing pages, we’ve got it covered. Everything we create has your customer, search engine optimisation and user experience in mind, as well as strong technical details backing it up and – importantly – design that’s easy to follow and pleasing to the eye. Today’s marketplace is competitive, but so are our website design and development skills.

We’ll Make Your Google Ads Skyrocket

Neon Treehouse specialises in all things Google Ads, Apple App Store Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing ads and Microsoft Ads, Spotify Ads and Third Party Network Ads (Outbrain, Reddit, Quora and the like). Whatever you’re looking for in the digital media or social media marketing realm, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got strong capabilities in digital ad campaigns: we know what makes people tick (and consequently click), and know Google Ads like the back of our hand. We can help you develop marketing strategies that will generate more traffic and convert leads through search engines ads, video, shopping, display/banners ads, mobile advertising and more. Google’s Ad network remains one of the most powerful tools online, and we can help you create shinier, more engaging ads for your business that will convert clicks into sales.

Our SEO Services Will Ensure Your Website Is Seen

Most businesses know that search engine optimisation is integral in helping meet the needs of your customers and improve your online visibility. But it’s important to take a step further and recognise that local SEO, in today’s world, is make or break. Attention spans are shorter than ever – you want your business to be on Google’s first page, because prospective customers most likely won’t click through to a second if something catches their eye on the first.

We can help you increase your organic website traffic and put your business on potential customers’ radars. Your website deserves to be seen – and at Neon Treehouse, we offer the knowledge, tools and dedication to help you create and build your brand’s online presence. Depending on your goals and requirements, our services include competitor analysis, monthly reporting, on-page optimisation, blog-writing, Google Search console monitoring and configuration, off-site optimisation and more. And the results? Many of our clients have enjoyed increased brand awareness, increased internet traffic and a significant ROI.

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