SEO: A basic understanding

Over the past few years, search engines much like Google and Bing have become the standard for discovering information. Whatever you may be searching for, whether it is a company or a certain individual, you will always get relative information in return. You may often ask yourself though, “Why do these handful of companies come up first when I search for a particular service in my area?” Well, I can tell you it is not by random chance; there is an actual reason behind that, and its name is SE0.

SE0, otherwise known, as Search Engine Optimization is a fantastic method used by a mass populous who have a presence on the Internet whether it is large or small. What SEO is exactly is a process of affecting the visibility of a website in a web search engines results. Basically speaking, the higher your page is ranked on search results, and more frequently it may appear, equals to more visitors it will receive from search engines’ users. Which is what everyone wants right?

There are many search outcomes that SEO can target. Including:

– Image search
– Local Search
– Video Search
– Academic Search
– News Search

Predominantly, SEO tactics are used for Google as 65% of search engine traffic derives from it, so that is where you want to target essentially. What that also means, is that a lot of people are doing the very same thing, so you need to be competitive and regularly monitor traffic.

There are many tactics that you can use to incorporate SEO into your business. One example is to consider how search engines actually work. This can be done through analyzing what people are really searching for and discovering the actual terms or keywords they are typing in. For example, if you are a carpenter in Adelaide, you need to study your competition and figure out what terms are popular amongst your trade and capitalize on that!

Another great SEO strategy is to optimize your website. Whether you choose to do this through editing its content regularly to stay fresh or coding HTML to increase its relevance to specific keywords it is certainly a great start!


However, one major SEO strategy is to use PR writing software much like PressCable, which we here at Knackmap often use. PressCable in particular have developed a revolutionary proprietary press release writing software in which creates media-enticing, newsworthy Press Releases in just a matter of minutes.

Press Releases in general are good ways to get into the news, but what’s great about PressCable is that it not only gets you in the news, but it helps you to create news for your business, product and/or service. Add in the factor that it will also save you countless hours and money but it will create a strong presence for you on the Internet, in particular Google! This goes back to SEO and optimizing your presence on a major search engine like Google.

With PressCable, there have been many instances where press releases produced through the software stay on the front page of Google for over a year. How amazing is that? The initial process will see quite the high amount of visibility for you such as being ‘In the News’ on Google. Shortly after the first week or so, the search ranking will begin to settle down and fall into their natural position and stay there for months, sometimes even over a year.

Basically, if you make an effort to use this software and do press releases regularly, then you will have a high chance of staying ever present on Google! So consider PressCable, as it is a great SEO strategy.


Algorithms are important to understand also when it comes to SEO. Over the many years that Google has been active though, it has had several changes to its algorithm. These include Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda just to name a few. Algorithms essentially are the backbone of Google and how they process and rank search engine results.

Whilst we may not know all of the important facts, we do know that thousands of sites will regularly receive a drop in search rankings, where some will go up in the search engine’s results. It will always be a constant back and forth rotation with SEO, so you need to be prepared for this.


Right now though, it seems that Google tends to favor companies and websites who don’t use plain keywords, but actually promote their brand. This is significant if you want to stand out from the rest and boost your ranking. It’s rather impossible to load a page with the keywords you lean on in the actual title, or the first line or tags etc. At one point in the past, that tactic would have worked for you, however now that is not the case. What’s favored currently is specialist websites, which comprise of an abundance of solid content and lots of social interaction such as links to your Facebook pages and whatnot.

In saying that, you can still definitely use keywords on your pages! Just try not to overdo it.

So there you have it. I hope you have a better basic understanding of what SEO is and how you can utilize it into improving your overall awareness for your brand. It‘s so important to have a strong presence on the Internet, as this is where the world is now! So whatever you can do to increase or optimize your footprint, whether it is SEO or social media marketing or both, it would be a very wise decision.

If you are interested in Social Media Marketing for your business or looking to learn even more about SEO or anything else relatable, contact us at Knackmap on or give us a call on 08 8120 0586.


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