With algorithm changes being announced left, right and centre in the social media world, it’s important that social media marketers are analysing their content and refining it to ensure that they don’t fall behind. We’ve reached out to some of the top social media marketers across the globe to ask them what their #1 tip is for refining social media content. Check out their great advice below!

Ian Cleary / Razor Social

You need to have a clear understanding of the audience and what they are looking for. You can create all sorts of fancy looking content but if it’s not the content your audience wants then you won’t get the engagement you require. So you’d look at the analytics to see the level of engagement but also research with the audience.

Mark SchaeferBusiness GROW

“To stand out today you need to be original. And to be original, you have to have the courage to add your voice and your personality to the story. That’s not easy, especially in a corporate environment. It is essential in today’s competitive environment.“


Jenn Herman / Jenns Trends

“I recommend you find the BEST content, whether curated or created, and only share this content. Stop with the silly questions, games, memes, and irrelevant fluff. Instead, share quality images, well-edited videos, and valuable content. This doesn’t mean your content can’t be fun or entertaining. Give your audience the best you have to offer, in smaller doses, and serve both them and your business more effectively.“


Jenn Beening / San Diego Zoo

“I have many tips on refining social media content, but I think one of the most important ones is to first, above anything else, consider the platform you are publishing on. It’s too easy to blast out the same photo/video and caption to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Taking those few extra minutes to refine each post to fit the appropriate channel is worth it. With the ever-growing number of platforms out there, you want to cater to each of your audiences, rather than lumping them into one robotic entity.“


BONUS TIP Joshua White / Founder of Knackmap

 As a social media marketer, or any marketing person for that matter, you must ensure that you are always aware of your brand, audience and message. Ensuring that these factors are clear and aligned is important in maintaining consistent and relevant content. In order to do this it often requires you to make time in advance to plan your content. Do not leave everything until the week it goes out, or that day! To create good quality content or interesting presentations of it, you may need to allow for some production time (web development, video production, image editing etc).

Social Media Marketing has moved past constant ad-hoc and promotional posts long ago. If you do not know what posts are doing well, then how will you improve your key success metrics for social media? If you do not assess and refine the posts that are doing well, and the post formats that are worth considering, then how will you continue to keep your presence relevant? Refinement is the key to any strong social media marketing strategy. 

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