As the online world expands in it’s commercial activity, so does the demand for knowledgeable Social Media Marketers who are well groomed in strategy, campaign and community management, as well as analytical capabilities. There are a lot of social media ‘gurus’ out there, so as an employer, how to you separate the computer-savvy millennial from a die-hard Social Media Manager?

SMM’s whose knowledge (and confidence) only derives from their ability to gain 4k likes on their Instagram selfies, isn’t enough. So, we’ve looked at our experiences and compiled the five must-have traits that will make every social media manager work better, harder and more efficiently in 2016.

1. Copywriting.
Because words are all we have and content marketing isn’t going anywhere. Journalism skills mixed with a good sense of humour is fundamental to good copy. Think of it this way, before your customer gets to your amazing content, or amazing product, they meet your social media manager’s words. If those words don ’ t stir an emotion (or seem a bit naff) well … who will click through to the amazing stuff?

2. Planning
A lot of great Social Media Managers are creative types. Creativity is wonderful, but if they are only firing out impromptu wit day-in-day-out, your social media persona could quickly lose depth and consistency …
A good social media knows how to plan ahead so they can stay efficient with their time, and follow a long-term strategy. So when the fire alarm goes off and the office gets evacuated for the afternoon, no online presence will grind to a quick. sharp. halt.

3. Discover
As we brushed on before, Social Media is a world that moves fast, so any SMM’s that aren’t staying tuned into their industry will quickly lose touch. A passion for discovering new content, updates and tricks will help them create content that your consumers want.

4. Advertising
Did you hear about the Social Media Marketer that never boosted posts? Their target market didn’t, or us. As Facebook makes us reach less and less of our followers organically, being a wiz with paid advertising is now a must for any SMM.

5. Reporting
A great Social Media Marketer uses KPI’s as their bible. SMM’s should be leaders in spotting patterns in behaviours in their customers and being able to capitalise on those patterns. Reporting isn’t fun but your campaigns are blind without it. SMM’s should know how to use reporting to not only understand the results of their campaigns but to see where those results came from!

Would you add any other traits to our top five? Let us know below.

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