As you can currently see from the course material that you have already read, there is a lot more to social media than just random posts to a group of random ‘fans’. To ensure that your social media is all ‘cleaned up’ from mistakes, bad practice and anything that could lead to negative future publicity, there are a few things that you should be considering:

  1. Are you using right grammar and vocabulary in your posts? If not then have a think about this before you write the next one. Ensuring that you are using the write words in the correct way shows that you are serious about being valuable to your community.
  2. Is your branding and page naming the same across all platforms? If not then this must be revised before continuing. Sometimes there is a need to achieve different business goals across different social media platforms, however your branding should always be consistent.
  3. Do you have profile pictures, cover photos and about us information properly filled out? If not then you must get onto this quickly. People will try to get in contact with you via social media sooner or later, and it would be very bad for business if you were sending them to an old office or did not have an up to date phone number accessible.
  4. Is your social media linked to your website? This is important to ensure the link is utilised for SEO.
  5. Is your website fitted with social media plugins? People need to be able to share all of your content, so ensure that there are ‘tweet this’ and ‘share this’ buttons on all pages worth sharing.

Once you have done these things, then your social media is ready to roll! The real changes to your social media and digital media presence come when your Social media Strategy is developed and implemented. A Digital Strategy will be done if you are using this also.

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