With 2016 coming to a close, there is a lot of strategic recipes slow cooking in the minds of social media, digital and/or content marketers across the world. If you are one of those people who are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together for your digital marketing in 2017, then these 5 content marketing tips should help you reach your goals in the new year!

1. Re-purpose content

Content doesn’t have to have a 5 second life online. If you create good enough content then you should be able to continue to promote and use it in your content marketing funnel.

2. Create GREAT content

A 100 word rushed blog post is probably not going to ever perform as well as a 1,000 word highly research piece which is highly valuable to your audience. Think carefully about what you are producing and make it really useful to your audience

3. Visualise

People are visual, so don’t rely 100% on text to get your message across. For example, a blog which includes an infographic, some great branded imagery and a video to accompany your blog will be much more effective than text alone of text + average stock images.

4. Create content specifically for each stage of your funnel

Want to talk to people about why your general profession is something your user needs? Great! But there is no need to use a blog to guide them from awareness to decision in one blog. Create content for each stage of the content funnel. Perhaps it’s social media posts with ad budget behind them for awareness, some great blogs to drive through from awareness to genuinely considering the offering, and so on. Remember, if you want general awareness you could even think about guest blogging an a popular industry site.

5. Refine, refine, refine

A/B testing and measurement infrastructure in place is a great way to ensure that your content marketing funnel is always super slick and lean. Keep trying new interesting things. By the time your become comfortable with your funnel, it’s likely got room for improvement (given the exponential changes to the digital landscape).

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