It is not hard to fall into the trap of writing the “same old, same old”. If your brands social media growth has plateaued and your strategy feels too predictable, the following post types may well help bring new life to your social channels content.


This post type is probably the simplest and the most straight-forward kind. These posts don’t directly promote the brand. These posts talk ‘around’ the brand by providing something interesting, unusual, and dynamic.

Engagement posts have gone from needing to ask a question or ask users to fill a caption out, to being relevant enough to get share-ability. In the example below from Balfours Bakery, an iconic SA based brand, they’ve captured a relevant concept, hence the 550+ reactions, 122 comments and 14 shares.


News-jacking current buzz and trends is a great way to join the conversation. The topics you news-jack don’t necessarily have to be connected directly to your brand or service, but they do serve to humanize it.

A company who did a wonderful tie-in with a live event was Oakley. Here, they depicted the Russian doll, which represents the 2014 Winter Olympics, wearing a pair of Oakley Ski Googles. The post is current, popular and also engaging.


Video, whilst well known to help build virality of your organic content, is a relatively under-utilised but effective way to spice up your social stream.

This video post above by is one that we posted on one of our product Facebook Pages HouseQ. Since it is a relatively fresh brand on the market (1 year), we wanted to tell their story in a really visually attractive way.


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