“There’s no rest for the wicked. Social Media never sleeps”

As a social media marketer, your life is always on the go. With meetings, events, and tweets to keep track of, you need a planning app that can accompany you through all your to-do lists.

Welcome to Knackmap, your personal social media planning tool. Not only will you be able to manage calendars and send content, but Knackmap also has features that allow you to publish, monitor, discover, assess, and advertise more than you could imagine. This is the perfect program for the social media go-getter. Social media never sleeps, but neither does Knackmap.

We were so proud to launch this video as part of our roll-out of our first release of our software. As well as the internal team who worked on this project, we would also like to give a huge thank-you to Rollercoaster for helping put together this amazing video. They captured exactly what it means to be a Social Media Marketer, in collaboration with the Knackmap creative team.

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