Without sounding too Dicaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street” , you can sell your items for $1 but, if nobody knows that they are for sale, noone is going to buy them…


The first adopters of social media reaped the benefit of free organic reach through their Facebook and Twitter pages. However, social media keeps moving forward; and now, those using the “2010” technique of hoping their content naturally gets reach, are falling behind competitors who have welcomed 2016 with open arms, and adopted paid advertising.


Here are three key reasons you need paid advertising in your strategy.


1: It’s Low Cost
Online advertising isn’t just for big boys. However, is still a medium that not all businesses have adopted, making it prime real estate for grabbing attention over competition. With smart targeting and high quality creative, you don’t have to pay ‘through the nose’ to advertise online.


On top of this, networks want you to pay for their advertising, so encourage you by providing insane new analytics tools! For example, Facebook advertising allows you to add a pixel to your checkout so you can see the exact amount you have spent for each conversion each day. With good management and A/B testing, there is limited reasons your advertising shouldn’t be bringing in a big ROI.


2: Content is not Low Cost
It is funny how often marketers squeal at the price of launching their content, without reflecting
on how much the content cost to make in the first place. Hundreds of dollars of hours are spent
creating infographics and videos, so it makes sense to not send these into the social sphere
purely to get:

  1. Lost forever
  2. Found and copied by someone who will invest in advertising (and benefiting) from it. Great content doesn’t just help get traffic to your website and conversions. It can have amazing knock on effects too, like improving your SEO or getting your name in front of influencers.
  3. Where else would you do it? Traditional marketing has it’s perks but, there is no better way to find your audience and target them than using social channels. Social knows your markets: spending habits, interests, life events, relationships amongst much more and paid advertising helps your benefit from that.

3. No Restrictions

Finally, social advertising isn’t restrictive, you want to increase brand awareness? sure! Get leads? You go it! Advertise with a video? Why not! With a promoted post? GET OUTTA TOWN. What do you love most about paid advertising? Comment below.

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