Being a social media marketer you need to know who is going to want your services. For the most part, many of your clients will not even be considering social media until you bring it up or something bad happens that would never have happened if they had social media – so they take it on with urgency.

To ensure that you know what industries benefit the most from social media, here are the ones that we have found to get the best returns from the social media marketing that you can provide (other than marketers);

Entertainment: there is nothing better than engaging on Facebook alongside watching your favourite TV show, going to a concert etc. It adds even more of a social user experience than what would be offered with just the show entertainment itself. Plus, you can still engage in this even if your friends aren’t around!

Retail: with a coupon/offer/promotion filled world it is hard to argue why a retail business shouldn’t be doing something online and on social media. This does not necessarily mean setting up an online store (although this is a great idea), but creating a social media community and communicating to them about the specials or events in store is a much cheaper alternative to a TV advert or radio time. Whilst traditional media gains higher coverage, sometimes a $100,000+ campaign just isn’t in the cards.

Consumer Technology: in a world becoming more increasingly saturated by consumer technology, what better place to reach a potential customer than in the social technology universe.

Education: social media can be used to effectively engage students in learning, and add a social side to group work amongst other things. It is also beneficial for sharing news for staff on things like Yammer.

Recruiters: this ecosystem is pretty much a candy store for recruiters. With the amount of general information about people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others what better place to target potential new workers? You can connect with people who are not only actively looking but also people who may have looked in the past.

Small Business: for small business, social media is a blessing adding to that personal touch and stronger connection to customers over corporates. More and more businesses as a result are seeing the importance of being online and on social media.

Fashion: fashion is fast moving, ever evolving and changing. As a result, booking a magazine advertisement 6 months in advance may not be the best thing for this industry. Social media and Digital Marketing is a space which can evolve faster than fashion and as a result is the perfect medium to use in line with this industries marketing activity. Brands as a result are able to connect on a personal level with their community, and learn about reactions in real time.

Travel: as seen on most social media platforms, the regular deals, exclusives experience packages and offerings are a hit from travel agencies and tourism boards. People enjoy word of mouth and using this medium to promote travel deals and business is the best place to do so.

Restaurants, Food and Beverage: these services have seen a huge benefit from being on social media. Promoting specials, menus and events that are going on are all compatible with the tools available in social media. There are many business objectives that can be achieved for these industries.

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