Last week, I presented at the _southstart conference in Adelaide. It was a fantastic event, and absolute pleasure and privilege to be presenting amongst an A-grade line-up with speakers from Hootsuite, Google, Canva, Culture Amp, NASA, Sparkke and many many more.

For those who haven’t heard of it before, this will give you a bit of a jist. _southstart is a convergence of the makers, doers and entrepreneurs of Australia and beyond. Across eight days and four nights from 15 – 22 November, the event will explore the emergence of technologies that are set to explode and redefine our future.

My session was titled “How to Launch and Grow your Digital Marketing Campaign”. I took a full room through:
– principles of successful campaigns
– goal setting
– choosing the right audience
– launching and refining
….and a couple of other nuggets to.

As promised, I’ve attached here a link to the full slides. Thanks to everyone who came and the feedback afterwards. Always good to know when you’ve made a positive contribution to someones efforts!


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