In an age of apps, smart phones, instant connectivity and an immeasurable amount of information at your fingertips within seconds; it’s easy to get caught up in the vast world of social media and it’s influence on modern day life. When a whole sentiment to a story can be summarised into a meme or a gif on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram- it is obvious to see how social media and it’s users have adapted to different modes of effective communication.

Perhaps, this genesis and evolution is very similar to the use of social media on real-estate platforms. No longer do we see just the image to a frontage of a property for sale; we see much more: video’s, drone footage panoramas, illuminated night friendly picket sale signs… the list goes on!

With all these social pressures and ever-evolving trends, comes some social media responsibility! There are a multitude of applications to help make your life easier. Scheduling (and ultimately automated scheduling) your real estate listing on various platforms can be both monotonous and tedious; almost always having to do a similar job multiple times can sometimes compromise the effort/time you give in presenting the property you want for sale.

HouseQ makes your life easier with automated scheduling your property listing on various social media mediums. (Click here to see what HouseQ is all about). You can add your properties either manually or through your Listing Management Software (LMS) like My Desktop or PortPlus. You can set your automated content to post out on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, and you can even publish and schedule posts separately.

Whilst your scheduling is taken care of, you can place time into client liaison and ultimately customer satisfaction (from the user to the business). In a busy market with different advertising trends, it’s absolutely imperative to be visible on all social media platforms. HouseQ can help you do just that.

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