Wow! The year is making it’s way pretty rapidly through to the middle of December! Crazy!


It’s currently 12:30am here in Australia, so I thought I might take the last breath of energy I have for the day to give you all an idea of what has been happening over the past few months.


Well, most importantly…our promo cards came in. yay! I know I know, settle down…


In other seriously more important news, our developers have been ramping up big time, in order to bring some really exciting things to the table early 2016. I’m really proud of what they have achieved so far and can’t wait to show it to the rest of the world.


We have also commisioned the work of a UX/UI designer to give our platform one final iron out before launch…which I’m pretty happy about. It wasn’t so long ago that this sort of luxury wasn’t available to us, but I’m so happy we have been able to invest in this aspect so that social media marketers around the world are able to invest themselves in a platform that feels right for them.


Another exciting twist in the tale of knackmap is that we have been partnering with an up and coming crowdfunding site to offer a solution to help people better manage their crowdfunding campaigns. This is something that I think has been missing from the crowdfunding game for a while, and as a result has slowed the overall growth of successful campaigns. But this is about to change.


Until next time!



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