Landing pages can be a mystery in the real estate industry. In this post, I will break down what a landing page is, and how to get them working for you in terms of driving traffic and converting.

But first, what is a landing page? Landing pages are stand alone web pages, built for capturing leads.

The intent behind a landing page is to capture your prospect’s information through a form by providing them with something valuable in exchange/a very direct communication and reason to fill out the form.

The sole purpose of these forms is to help nurture your sales leads. Usually, traffic is driven to the site via tripwires in user interaction with your brand online, oar through advertising.

So, why are landing pages for real estate agents so important?

Firstly, why do real estate agents use landing pages?

Real estate agents need landing pages to capture specific information about prospects that are in the research phase of their property sale. It’s is the stage before the prospect contacts a real estate agent and locks them in to sell their property.

The landing pages for real estate agents will swap information the prospect is researching in exchange for their contact information (name & email).

Landing pages are used for two reasons usually in real estate:
  1. Drive enquires and interest around property listings
  2. Build a database of interested sellers in an area (“How much is my house worth?” or “FREE Appraisal” style landing pages for people in serviced suburbs)

I use sites like, Zillow, Domain etc…so why do I need this?

It’s a very common question, your properties are being promoted through these major listing sites and you have an agent profile on these sites so why on earth would you need landing pages too?The thing is, your presence on these pages is completely ruled by how much you pay (pay more and be shown at the top!), and you are also jammed in there with mostly the website branding and 10s of 1000s of other properties and agents in any given search.

With a landing page and your own presence, you can push for 100% attention and focus around your brand, your offering and the form you want prospects to fill out. The space available on the page can be used as you want it, and everything your prospect sees is about you. What this means? No way to get distracted with other offers!

As a secondary benefit, you also can have some real fun in terms of putting cookies on the site for re-marketing, and customisations around your communications beyond what the major listing sites offer.

And that’s it! Landing pages for real estate agents in a nutshell!

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