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Momentum 2018 – What I learnt from Tom Panos

Momentum was on in Adelaide this week, run by to bring some new innovations, thoughts and ideas. One speaker that I got the privilege to watch was real estate coach and trainer Tom Panos. He teaches agents how to attract business and not just chase it. He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading coaches […]

Harcourts WA Kickstart Conference

Earlier in February, CEO and Founder Josh White spoke in Perth at the Harcourts WA Kickstart 2018 Conference. Alongside Gregg Toyama and Bridget Gabites, Josh educated the room of agents and property managers about his winning strategy for social media marketing as a real estate agent. Whilst not having the real estate agent background, Josh […]

Landing Pages for Real Estate Agents

Landing pages can be a mystery in the real estate industry. In this post, I will break down what a landing page is, and how to get them working for you in terms of driving traffic and converting. But first, what is a landing page? Landing pages are stand alone web pages, built for capturing leads. […]

Three Golden Steps to Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent who works social media as part of your marketing efforts, you will know how long it takes to plan an ongoing marketing strategy.  Let alone, one that delivers you the social media success it’s been dreaming of? Many agents make it look like a walk in the park, but what […]

Australians Use and Social Media to Search for Property

If the #smashedavo talks made you think that the only thing happening online was complaining and time-wasting, then you may not quite have your finger on the pulse. The latest numbers are in, and it shows that their audience spent 110 million hours looking at property across all of their platforms from 1 January to 30 November 2016. “Australia’s […]

Turn Your Social Media Into Your Customer Support Extension

Don’t ever think that anything that your competitors are doing on social media is unattainable. It’s now the high time for you to be active on social media. There are a number of social media platforms that can take your marketing endeavours way much higher. Furthermore, these same social media platforms can allow you to move from […]