Momentum was on in Adelaide this week, run by to bring some new innovations, thoughts and ideas.

One speaker that I got the privilege to watch was real estate coach and trainer Tom Panos. He teaches agents how to attract business and not just chase it. He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading coaches on helping real estate people become 7 figure agents. His weekly video interviews go out to 20,000 agents.

My top takeaways from Tom’s session were:

  • All CRM’s work. They need humans to work them. Humans rarely work them.
  • This generation of real estate agents are “High tech. Low touch.”
  • I loved his thoughts around dealing with Procrastination. The 5 second rule should absolutely do the trick. Have something you don’t want to do? Countdown from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…and just go and do it!
  • 80% of winning is beginning….what a classic.
  • He referenced a great idea for a Lead Magnet…”What will the WestConnex do to the value of your home”. I thought this was fantastic as it’s beyond the idea of value your home, and it shows way more insight to the micro effects of statewide initiatives. What big changes are happening in your areas of expertise? Could you write a report on how this will change the valuation of properties in that area?
  • Easter Promo’s seem to be becoming more and more digital, but nothing beats some good old fashioned colouring in….”Kid Colouring in Competition” where everybody wins something and encourages parents to leave there details so it really helps to build in your database.
  • Your current situation, is not your final destination. Some of the best gifts are badly wrapped….beautifully inspiring words!

Tom, if you ever read this, I was invigorated by the way you spoke and inspired me to make some changes to our sales process…thanks!

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