If the #smashedavo talks made you think that the only thing happening online was complaining and time-wasting, then you may not quite have your finger on the pulse.

The latest realestate.com.au numbers are in, and it shows that their audience spent 110 million hours looking at property across all of their platforms from 1 January to 30 November 2016.

“Australia’s property obsession peaked in October this year when interest reached the highest levels recorded according to the REA Group Property Demand Index,” REA Group Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee says.

As a result of these findings, plus the likelihood that you are reading this as a back to work kickstart for the year, I hope you are thinking what more and more agents are thinking every single day.

It’s time to take social media off the back burner, and start using it to provide real value to your audience, and start getting real returns.

Need more to convince you? How about the fact that 26% of social media users in Australia access the suite of sites more than 5 times a day! There is endless stat’s like this explaining the social media usage in Australia from Sensis. It’s a long read, but definitely some fantastic insight.

Want to know how easy it is

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