Earlier in February, CEO and Founder Josh White spoke in Perth at the Harcourts WA Kickstart 2018 Conference.

Alongside Gregg Toyama and Bridget Gabites, Josh educated the room of agents and property managers about his winning strategy for social media marketing as a real estate agent.

Whilst not having the real estate agent background, Josh and the team at Knackmap have worked in digital marketing for some great brands across the world, so the knowledge that was presented to the 100+ group was around social media marketing in this day and age, how to get cut-through, and some specific tactics that can be used to stay ahead of the curve.

The day kicked on after the morning sessions with the “Disney Experience” by Heather de Fina, which was a 4 hour immersion into how to go above and beyond with customer service, and clearly driving home the fact that EVERYTHING is part of the service, from the state of the floors and paint in the office, the greeting and the final touches on an open inspection (as examples).

To close the night off was a dinner and awards night for the WA gang. An exciting and warming experience to see so many competing offices having a good time and encouraging everyone on. Drinks to accompany this of course, a part of it!

It was a great event full of learnings, networking and fun!

A big thank you from the team at Knackmap to all those who helped put this event together.

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