Don’t ever think that anything that your competitors are doing on social media is unattainable.

It’s now the high time for you to be active on social media. There are a number of social media platforms that can take your marketing endeavours way much higher. Furthermore, these same social media platforms can allow you to move from just talking at people, to facilitating genuine conversation and encouraging the start of a conversation with your prospective buyers and sellers.

Social media will not only help you build trust among your clients, but will also aid in flourishing your business to a significant extent.

Find below some of our tips for turning your social media into an extension of your customer service and support function.


Facebook has the ultimate set-up for customer service.

Word of mouth is always known as the finest marketing strategy and as the largest social networking site, Facebook has every property to help you get just what you are looking for.

From being able to set up an incredibly professional page, which includes your contact details and branding space.

Here are our strategies for how you can promote your business through Facebook, and use it to extend your customer service.

  • The more you say about your neighbourhood, the greater is the chance for you to have more prospects in business. Always try to adopt several innovative techniques to promote your location. Apart from getting you more leads, it will also act as a great endeavour to make the residents’ living much better.
  • Don’t forget to use images and videos whenever you update anything about the location. Furthermore, create content on your site and then link people back to it from social media. There is more branding and customisation available on your own website!
  • Encourage people to direct message you. You can put a call to action on your Page to encourage messages, and you can even create ads to get people to message you as a first port of call!
  • Take a tone of voice and variance in topics that attracts both your prospective customers but also your current customers. Current customers allow you to


Twitter used to be seen as the champion of all channels for customer service. However, with less usage in countries like Australia and the USA compared to other channels, and an increase in business functionality on Facebook, it has had less priority for small business and in particular real estate agents.

Twitter gives a limit of 140 characters, it can still be perfectly used to brace up your bonding with the potential buyers. All it takes is the start of a conversation for a social media platform to provide ROI – it’s your job as real estate agent to keep that conversation alive.

Check these nifty strategies for using Twitter for customer service:

  • While moving properties, one of the most common concerns that seem to bother people is the stress. Nevertheless, you can easily help them with the same by posting links to relevant articles stating exclusive ways for a hassle-free move.
  • Tweeting about the local news is always a smart endeavour and this is how you can promote your area the best. Always be strict about propping up the news as soon as it smacks the platform. Think about things like power outages, events like street parties and other things.
  • Use hashtags to search for conversations that you can chime in on…make sure that you are adding value #nospam.


No doubt, stepping up your Facebook and Twitter game for customer service will bring you much better results.

Have anything else that you think would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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