Adelaide, Australia: Knackmap is a social media planning tool set to turn the heads of social media marketers across Australia and the world. Knackmap’s goal is to create game-changing social media marketers by offering them a tool that streamlines processes, saves time and saves money. Unlike many other tools, Knackmap is creating an all-in-one offering, which is accessible on a small to medium business budget. After 2 months in its BETA stage, Knackmap is launching it’s first version today.

“The idea of Knackmap actually came from my own experience and needs as a social media marketer. I’ve been working in the industry for a number of years, and noticed some fundamental gaps in what tools in the market were currently able to offer, and what I needed” Joshua White, Founder of Knackmap explains.

Knackmap is bringing together the key areas of a social media marketer’s job and collates them into a workflow which increases efficiency.

Currently, Knackmap has planning, publishing, monitoring and discovery capabilities. However, Josh explains that in the near future Analytics and Advertising will be available also.

“We are working on adding some pretty exciting assessment and advertising features to our platform this year. I have no doubt that once social media marketers see the full suite we have available; they will be excited.”

Whilst there are still some features to come, Knackmap boasts some very cool features in it’s latest launch, including:

  • Scheduling to Instagram (without needing to publish from your phone)
  • An ideas section to collate all ideas
  • Team member, Manager and Client access
  • Social media calendar approvals mechanisms for brands and agencies

“Instagram scheduling has been created within the community guidelines. We carefully analysed these guidelines, and created something that we believe is the most effective and most time saving way to post to Instagram.”

Currently, Knackmap allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. YouTube and Google Plus will be coming soon.

“In a nutshell, Knackmap helps social media marketers better manage their activity online, and better execute strategy because of it.”

Knackmap is an online tool, which is as a pay per month software starting from as little $15 per month for a social media freelancer, $39 per month for a brand and $59 per month for an agency.

Kristian Livolsi, Entrepreneur and Businessman says “I love Knackmap. It’s a startup with legs. It’s cool, exciting and above all, it works! Let’s rejoice it’s founded in Adelaide. We use Knackmap for all of our social media clients and our personal profile management too. It does things other big name competitors simply don’t do. They are agile and I love that! Can’t wait to see Josh and the Knackmap crew disrupt the big boys.”

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