Pinterest has just released the most eye opening Infographic about it’s users that I think I’ve ever seen. My key takeouts?

  • People who engage with Promoted Pins spend 7x more than people who don’t.
  • Pinterest is 5x more efficient at driving in-store sales than any other platform.

Pinterest caters for planned shopping sprees and discovery of new styles, ideas and inspiration for those looking for it. Users have the ability to go even further (and regularly do), by organising these inspirations and ideas using Pinterest boards.

Whilst thee stats caught me a bit by surprise, it’s no wonder that Pinterest is a catalyst for spend in shoppers.


Pinterest is regularly launching new features to make exploring it’s plethora of style even easier and more engaging. This month in fact, Pinterest launched two new features: Explore and Autoplay videos.


Explore is a new section of Pinterest that leverages its recommendation algorithms against newly trending content on its server. It’s not the first app to do this, however in using some already available features across other areas of their app and featuring it in it’s own area will allow Pinterest to build a stickier audience which returns on a regular basis. As shown in the infographic above, Pinterest users are engaged and have value to businesses. This will skyrocket with increased activity on the site over many visits.

Pinterest has grown from just recipes and wedding ideas to covering most areas of a consumers life. Interior design, homes, fashion, quotes, business and more have been featured on the site and are growing in popularity.

Native Autoplay Videos

Pinterest is also launching native autoplay video within the app.

This content will be spread across the Explore section, in a mix of personalised recommendations and trending topics.

Pinterest already had Cinematic Pins available, however with the success of autoplay videos on other platforms like Facebook, it was bound to make an appearance on Pinterest as well.

This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of Pinterest users, as they are exploring for inspiration on the platform. Autoplay videos can allow the split second of movement required to gain the attention of a Pinterest browser.

Jump on board!

Pinterest grew by 50% in the past year alone — and we think that with these new features and the general direction that the site is heading in — that this growth is unlikely to slow down. There are already a phenomenal amount of users on Pinterest, over 150 million monthly active users quoted in a recent article in Forbes. In this article, it is mentioned that whilst considerably smaller than Facebook’s almost 2 billion monthly active users or Twitters 320 million monthly active users, Pinterest is more of a personal tool than a social tool. This is a very important differentiation to make, as users are not coming on here for the same reasons that they come onto Facebook or Twitter.

We recommend businesses adding Pinterest to their marketing efforts in 2017. It has proven itself to be a worthy platform for generating interest, traffic and enquires for many businesses across many industries.

What has been your experience with Pinterest so far? Have you have success? Let us know in the comments below!

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