In modern day marketing, ‘social media’ is a buzzword. It gets tossed around along with words like ‘awareness’ and ‘reach’, but unlike traditional forms of marketing and despite its fluid adaptability, many industries are still yet to embrace the ever-evolving medium. For real estate agents, social media presents a million opportunities and a million chances to reach new people and generate new interest.



Social media is accessed daily by millions of people. Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users, Instagram has 500 million monthly active users, and they’re just some of the available platforms useful to businesses and professionals. With so many people active on social media every day, it offers a number of opportunities for both organic and paid advertising and marketing. For free publicity, simple creating and updating pages and accounts on social platforms can reap rewards. Not only can you share content through social, but consumers can respond to what you’re posting with comments and reactions, letting you get on a personal level and engage one on one with the exact people you’re targeting.



The real estate industry has been active for many years and for many agencies, marketing strategies have been the same for the whole of their lifetime. This means that agents and brokers can be rooted in traditional marketing ideas and mediums, only now starting to consider other avenues for expansion and lead generation. Social media is the ideal modern platform to refresh real estate marketing campaigns, with a broad audience and infinite possibilities for interesting and unique content. These social platforms are another place to post new house listings and showcase properties for sale, offering the ability to attach one or more images, links, videos and exciting copy designed to engage readers.



Although creating and maintaining social media accounts may sound like a lot of time and effort, social media planning tools make updating and engaging super easy. Platforms like Knackmap are perfect for entering each post, but HouseQ is ideal, as it has been specifically designed for real estate agents. HouseQ allows users to add in several property listings and will automatically run through them, randomising the order every time it reaches the end. The only maintenance required is removing sold houses and uploading new ones for sale. With social media and a scheduling tool, you can be getting so many more new, prospective customers in so much less time. This is why social media for real estate is a must.

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