The advantages for agents integrating social media marketing over solely using traditional marketing efforts are endless, however I’ve summed up below the main advantages below.

#1: Your Prospects Use Social Media

There are over 15,000,000 monthly active users on social media in Australia. As a result, when prospects are searching for their next/first property you are bound to see them on social media. This provides a unique opportunity to reach your audience on a platform that they are actively engaged in. However whilst there is 15,000,000 monthly active users on Facebook, this is not the be all and end all. Instagram has surpassed the 5 million monthly active users in Australia, and Linkedin has 3.4 million. Each of these channels has it’s own mechanism in peoples lives, which means you can segment where you promote certain messages to tailor to platform expectations.

#2: You Can Play an Active Role in the Research Phase

Incorporating a digital marketing strategy opens you up to communicating with an audience before, during and after there interactions with your brand elsewhere. If a prospective buyer drives past a house they are interested in and notice the for sale sign, or they see an ad in the paper, then allowing them to naturally flow their research habits to your digital assets (website, social media etc) increases attention on your offering.


#3: It’s targeted

Digital marketing allows for a much more targeted approach to communication. From Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, posting on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, even your listings on, or other portals, there is a relative ease in segmenting where your listings and brand is being promoted. Facebook thus far, offers the most intuitive and powerful targeting platform, with abilities to target by location, age, interests, social network, job title and more.


#4: Tell the Full Story

With the richer media experience that is offered across platforms like Instagram and Facebook (e.g. ability to post 360 videos, 360 photos, Facebook Live and more), you are able to tell a more substantial story about a property, or your brand. By being able to tell a richer story, it makes it easier for people to feel comfortable coming to an open inspection, or making an enquiry.

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