Adding another social media platform to the many social platforms that you are already managing probably takes quite a bit of convincing…

However, when you see that a particular platform has a plethora of benefits which you could reap from your time spent on it, you can’t just go past that can you?

I imagine that by now most of you are at least aware of Pinterest, and a majority of you probably have tried it out on a personal or business level. However, that doesn’t mean that you have realized the full rewards and potential of Pinterest. Instead, you may be left feeling like you don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Below is a list of some great features and benefits of Pinterest that are pretty darn useful.

  1. Advanced Search Engine

Pinterest has put a lot of resources into building their powerful and sophisticated search engine. When it comes to discovery, a search engine that can; show you what is trending, highlight the popular content in search results, spellcheck and much more; you can hone down your searches to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Pinterest Search Engine Preview

  1. Pinterest knows where it’s at

After you have chosen what areas you are interested in, and have conducted a few searches on Pinterest, the system learns what you are interested in and sends this directly to you. It helps to have push emails setup, especially when you are expected to be ahead of the curb for ideas. The other thing? Pinterest has a great blog where they share fresh ideas, trends and other cool things which are relevant to the platform…have a read here!

  1. Window Shopping, and beyond

Currently, Pinterest allows you to add prices and URLs onto your pins. This is fantastic if you have an eCommerce store, or an offline store where you want customers to be able to view your range and style. Back in an article that I wrote 2 years ago, I predicted that eCommerce will become a huge part of Pinterest’s relevance in the future. It is certainly heading in this direction, with ads and eCommerce-like features assisting users with their shopping behaviours.

  1. Content Ideas

We all need that post-it note wall of some sort for our ideas for future campaigns, content calendars and so on. Pinterest is a great space to do this! Paired with the browser extensions to add to your boards on the go, as well as the option for Secret Boards to securely save your content; Pinterest is genuinely like having your online post-it board in the palm of your hand. Plus you can collaborate by inviting multiple people to keep the ideas’ flame burning strong!

  1. Traffic

With the right setup of your boards and pins, Pinterest can bring you a huge amount of traffic to your website. The great thing is that this traffic isn’t coming from some black hat SEO source or an irrelevant white hat SEO source, and it’s certainly not requiring an ad budget. This traffic is people who are open-minded and curious about exploring the content that is interesting to them. So make sure that your content is enticing and explore-able, with appropriate descriptions and URLs.

Now that the search graph is becoming more powerful and that the system is becoming more influential over purchase decisions, the traffic that you can generate from this platform can be very valuable. Especially, if you can knuckle down your ideal keywords to appear on and get inside the heads of your customers during their purchasing process.

  1. NEW FEATURE ALERT! Pinterest now has Search Advertising!

To add to all the goodness that Pinterest can bring to your business, the company said it’s adding Search Ads to its Ads Manager today, letting businesses target customers searching for potential products.

What does this mean? Businesses can put an ad in front of someone at a moment when they’ve signalled some intent or interest in an idea or product. Furthermore, marketers will get access to the Pinterest “Taste Graph” which includes more than 5,000 interests. It is now open to marketers!

The new Search Ads feature on Pinterest will be able to handle the awareness, intent, and then the conversion.

You can read more about it on this article from Tech Crunch announcing the news.

Pretty neat, huh?

Pinterest is definitely the platform to be using now, for most businesses and people in one way or another.

What other features do you think are useful on Pinterest? Answer in the comment section below.

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