Facebook is constantly evolving, and this is what keeps the platform to be one of the leading digital social media outlets for marketers. There are always cool new features being added to expand your engagement potential. Here are the 5 latest features offered that you should definitely check out.

  1. Instant Articles

With Facebook’s Instant Articles, you are now able to have articles load faster on your device than the mobile web. This new tool is great for helping publishers push their stories to the forefront. The feature also includes embedded audio captions, auto-play video, and maps. With its speed and responsiveness, Instant Articles are destined to be a hit!

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  1. GIFs

You can already see why people love this…join in the fun! It will only take a giphy.com/


  1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is awesome. It allows you to reach hundreds from the comfort and convenience of your phone. Live will allow businesses to reach a new level of engagement with the customers and overall public. The best things about Facebook Live is it will tell all of your followers that you are live currently, which is great for reach but also tends to do better overall in news feeds!

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  1. Canvas

According to Facebook, “Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products.” To be honest, I couldn’t explain it better. I’m hoping that more ads move in this direction. From a digital standpoint, I think this is the nicest experience for an ad yet, and I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes for businesses using it.

To find out more information, check out this.

  1. Topics

Topics lets you browse your newsfeed based on categories. This tool will help marketers on what is of interest to their audience. Topics/ Topic Data also shows marketers the local events, brands, or activities. It’s still early stage, so will be interesting where this goes, but I’m thinking that as a result there could be some interesting things offered to businesses. Read this article from Mashable to learn more.

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