Admittedly, this has been a slower move for our Knackmap product.

We are pleased to announce that our software is now secured in HTTPS for our app. Whilst our front end site has been secure for handling payments, and our authentications with social networks where utilising our HTTPS infrastructure, we’ve spent a big portion of the last month assessing how we can better secure the site.

Whilst still moving forward with the other features in our technology roadmap, our customers security is of utmost importance to us.

Why is HTTPS important?
Nowadays, browsers clearly identify which sites are insecure by showing a red padlock with an “X” before the URL of the site in the address bar.

The effort is a huge push toward HTTPS and creating more secure forms of web browsing.

HTTPS is a modification of the HTTP standard used to allow the exchange of content on the Internet. This security means that even if someone were to somehow obtain the encrypted data shared in the exchange, it would be nonsense with nearly no means of decryption to retrieve the original content.

It’s a absolute necessity in today’s ever digitising world.

HTTPS is a means of ensuring privacy, security and a way of authenticating that the site you’re on is the one you intended to visit.

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