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Pinterest:‌ ‌Inspired‌ ‌Decisions‌ ‌– The‌ ‌Media‌ ‌Agency’s‌ ‌Guide‌ ‌to‌ ‌Pinterest‌

Founded a decade ago, Pinterest is now the global hub of inspiration. With 367 million monthly active users around the world, this platform inspires discovery, comparison, and exploration and turns insights into action. 9 out of 10 people use Pinterest to get inspired about things to buy – 8 of whom end up doing so. […]

Marketing During COVID, Our Learnings and Takeaways

People are still actively buying and researching for products and services, and brand matters more than ever. It’s a shocking thought, isn’t it? How can people be considering this given the fear-instilling headlines across the tabloids daily…and globally? It’s happening, and people have a surprisingly good outlook on their personal spending in the future, too. […]

Instagram Checkout Has Arrived… and It’s Epic

Impulse buying has just gone next level! Last month, Instagram wowed brands and shoppers worldwide with its new shopping in-app feature ‘Instagram Checkout.’ If you’re like me and love to mull over the latest fashion and beauty products on Insta, life has just got that little bit more exciting (my bank account may NOT agree)! […]

Software No Longer Supported

To all of our Knackmap users and interested prospective users. Unfortunately, due to increasing operating costs and low usage, our Knackmap social media scheduling software, including Knackmap, HouseQ and PlanGram, will no longer be supported from August 31st, 2018. Knackmap will continue to be operational for an indefinite period but will no longer receive security updates and bug […]