Earlier this month, I spoke about “Education and Transparency” at the Big Digital Adelaide conference. The event was put on at the Science Exchange and hosted some international speakers from Microsoft and RavenTools, as well as some local experts in the lineup including Dan Levy, Woj Kwasi and more.

In my session, I had initially intended to take everyone through some cool things they can do to measure social performance, however it got me to thinking about the broader issues around transparency in the industry. I think a need to perform has shrouded understanding of true returns and education. In this session, I talk about Education and Transparency in Digital and Social Media; why a lack of it has clouded the real effectiveness of the opportunity, and why they are needed for businesses to make the most of the opportunity.

The key take-outs of my session:

1. ???? Educate your clients on how social/digital can help business reach business goals directly (not “how” on a macro level, but how specifically what you do will help),
2. ???? Be transparent with how you are going to measure success before the campaign, and report clearly the results at the end (smoke and mirrors isn’t good enough anymore) and
3. ???? Measure ROI against what you are actually paying for (when you pay for brand awareness on social you get awareness, not new customers as a DIRECT result of only that spend).

Hope that it was valuable for all who came! Thanks Woj Kwasi for the sneaky snap!

If you’d like to check out the slide deck, please click here! UPDATE: I’ve now embedded the slides below.

I’ve been informed that we’ll be receiving some video files – simply leave a comment below if you’d like to be updated when we receive them!

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