People always eat with their eyes, but now they expect their initial reaction to be ‘wow’.

Instagram has created a do or die position for cafes who are social media sceptics.

In an article published this year in the herald sun, a shop owner said “we have customers come in who don’t order from the menu but from Instagram. They scroll through and the photo that looks best, that’s what they order.”

If nothing else, this is proof that cafes are almost REQUIRED these days to be leveraging social media channels like Instagram to ensure they are on the shopping list for peoples discretionary incomes.

If you are new to the game or feel like you could be doing better, then this should get your game face on.

Match The Platform Storytelling Format

Firstly, Instagram is a very visual platform. As a result you should be trying to make use of the full real estate that an image allows. Everything that is within the frame should be considered (Instagram is not the place for half-assery). Make sure that everything that you are putting on Instagram is worthy of a like, comment or re-gram from your followers.

Consistency & Regularity Gets the Worm

Secondly, you have to be consistent. People these days are using social media in micro-visits. 3 seconds here, 10 seconds there. As a result, you should ensure you are consistently and regularly appearing in your audiences Instagram feed.

Look To The Experts

You don’t have to pull a rabbit out of a hat every post. In fact, rather than staring at a blank wall in your office for ideas, we recommend you seek inspiration from people who are doing well if things aren’t immediately coming to mind.

If you are not sure where to start, then check out this article on the 10 Instagram accounts that you should be following.

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