What is Instagram and who uses it?

Instagram is a worldwide photo and video sharing platform with 500 million active

monthly users. On the platform users can post content immediately or save it for later, with a ‘Stories’ features that allows you to post an image or video for just 24 hours. 53% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram, with posting abilities from both iOS and Android mobile devices and viewing capabilities from desktop computers.

What are Instagram’s marketing and advertising capabilities?

Instagram doesn’t allow for running a separate business page through an existing account, instead asking that you create a whole new account, just like on Twitter. This account can be switched into ‘Business Mode’ which allows you to link your website, address and contact information to your profile. Advertising on Instagram can be designed and purchased through Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor. There are no marketing or advertising capabilities direct from the Instagram platform. Sponsored content on Instagram comes up in the feeds of people with similar interests to the content posted on your account.

What can you achieve with Instagram?

what can you achieve with Instagram?

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