During the festive season, it’s supposedly an unspoken rule that businesses will tone things down/turn them off, bar some ultra-generic, glazed over, waste of time Christmas and New Years post on their social media accounts.

I argue that during this time when people are enjoying their much deserved resting and relaxing time, people still want to discover, shop and kill the time on social media. For those selling residential properties or managing a rent roll, your posts will likely be enjoyed considering people will have a bit more time to read it (depending on the industry being worked, of course).

There are lot’s of articles and studies that have been done that suggest that social media has a high influence on purchases over the christmas period. As an example, check out this infographic by SecurePay and this study from Castleford.

I believe though that over this christmas and new years period – whilst many people do have plans with family, friends and loved ones – time is made for purchasing. This purchasing time is not just for online purchases or christmas gifts. For those who are genuinely interested in purchasing or selling, the old rules are changing.

In an article in realestate.com.au, Carla Danaher writes “The Christmas and New Year period is traditionally a time when real estate activity – like the rest of us – slows down and takes a break, but the old rules are changing.”

“Vendors can correct their expectations leading up to Christmas, so I wouldn’t take my eyes off the real estate market, as you may see some really good opportunities,” Rob Elsom, director of Hocking Stuart, was quoted explaining in the article.

I know that many agents who are likely to be reading this know that times are a changin’, and will likely to be still keeping some work wheels turning. Why not make sure that your social media is still pulsing too? Whilst people may not pick up the phone on christmas day, they may well be sifting through Facebook whilst digesting a ham 4x the size of their stomach.

In short, as an agent who is looking to make the most of their social media over this christmas and new years season, I suggest doing the following:

  • Keep the houses rolling. Any properties you are looking to sell or rentals needing a loving tenant will likely get attention.
  • Show how your community celebrates. Show off your insider knowledge of how your targeted communities celebrate christmas and new years, it shows that you know the suburbs you sell in!
  • Do a Christmas and New Years Post, but make them interesting! A GIF, a Boomerang, a live video? Give the people something that is not so blatantly generic it literally puts them to sleep after a big lunch or the midnight fireworks launching.
  • Keep it busy. Don’t be afraid to keep your activity levels up over this time. You are selling a product which people want to see.

If you are looking for a tool that can make sure your social media marketing is active whilst your enjoying some family time too, then sign up to HouseQ today.

Good luck!

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