For the 6th year in a row, Jon Loomer once again wow-ed us at #SMMW19 with his thought-
provoking insights on better Facebook Ad Practices. If you’re not familiar with the man
himself, Jon Loomer calls himself an ‘accidental marketer’. Having been laid off twice from
previous jobs, Jon managed to turn what seems like the worst situation possible around to
become one of the best in advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies right now.
Here are some of the key takeaways from his talk at #SMMW19:


Jon teaches us more than just the hard skills. It’s easy to read and follow a manual, we can
all do that. Instead, he stresses to ditch the manual and be innovative. Understand the
strengths of the tools available to you, so that you can use them in ways that solve your
problems. You’ve got your wand, so now work your own magic.


People who are ready to buy are important. However, diving straight in and putting
concentrated focus on these people and disregarding other aspects like engagement,
building brand awareness and getting traffic can be a huge mistake. Yes, these people will
likely result in a conversion, the result is you will achieve a small amount of sales from
people ready to buy right now, however if you think more deeply about it for a second,
consider how many people are actually ready to buy now? The proportion of people who
are still browsing and getting to know your brand most likely will outweigh those who are
ready to purchase now.
Rather than putting all your focus purely on closing sales, you should run campaigns with
different strategies throughout the purchase journey. If you want to learn more about
funnel-based marketing campaigns, watch this video of our CEO Josh White explaining in
detail what they are and why they’re important.
When you’re focussing on the same group of people all the time (people who are ready to
buy now), the problem of ad fatigue also becomes prominent.


Have you ever imagined how great it would be to have a Facebook Ad Campaign that stays
effective? Well listen in – let us introduce you to Jon Loomer’s Evergreen Campaign.

What is it?

Unlike regular campaigns which require constant refreshing of ad creative, copy and
targeting. Evergreen campaigns are set up so that they stay fresh. Essentially it is a
sequence of ads, programmed to be shown to specific audiences for a certain period of time
after a trigger action has been completed.

What are the elements?
1. A trigger action sends users into the campaign
2. Custom audiences with durations make it all work
3. Targeting and exclusions allow you to create ad sequences
4. Once a determined number of days post-trigger passes, the user stops seeing ads
from the campaign

Steps to create a Evergreen Campaign:

1. Pick your trigger
2. Plan the purpose of your Evergreen Campaign?
a. Education?
b. Awareness of your brand?
c. Selling?
3. Plan the number of ads
4. Create your custom audiences
5. Determine your optimisation and placements

What types of triggers are there?

Triggers are the action that pulls users into the Evergreen Campaign. For Evergreen
Campaigns to be most effective, users should only go through the ad sequence once,
therefore the trigger should be an action that occurs only one time.

Good Quality
 Any action that will only happen once E.g. Registration, Lead
 Have the ability to utilise durations with custom audiences
o Website custom audiences
o Lead form custom audiences

Okay Quality
 Actions in which you have some idea that will happen only once
 Still have the ability to utilise durations with custom audiences
 These triggers may be of lower quality, however volume will be high e.g. no contact
information registered
 E.g. View of a hidden page, view of private Facebook video only existing as an ad
Bad Quality
 Actions that can reoccur repeatedly
 E.g. View popular blog post, all visitors to your website, all users who engage with
your page
Some questions to help you know what to optimise for:
 Is it important to reach as many as possible?
o YES: optimise for reach
o NO: optimise for a conversion
 Is the volume of daily trigger actions large?
o YES: Optimise for a conversion

o NO: Optimise for reach
 Is the quality of trigger actions high?
o YES: Optimise for reach
o NO: Optimise for conversion

For more information on Jon Loomer’s Evergreen Campaign, visit

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