Social media marketers are busy. In fact, anyone regularly using social on a professional or business agenda is usually flat-out and jumping between accounts and tasks. The daily schedule could even look like this:

Wake up, coffee. Respond to emails. Browse your feeds and respond to comments. Come up with new content, find matching imagery. Post. Prepare for meeting. New post. Meeting. Post again. Work on projects. Another post. Find time to eat. Find time to curate yet another post. Sleep, eventually.


Social media planning tools are made for you

Does this sound like you? Social media planning tools have been created and are updated to keep up with growing demand and an ever-changing digital space. They are designed to make planning and scheduling easier with the aim of giving you back the extra minutes you’d usually spend manually checking, amending and posting content. There are a number to choose from, each one with pros and cons, but the consistent positive is that there’s more time for you to spend elsewhere. Where you spend this time is totally up to you, but in all the hustle, remember to allocate time to focus on your wellbeing.


Work hard and feel good too

Using social media tools like PlanGram to organise in advance and pre-schedule posts for later means you can stay focused on bigger tasks at hand. Instead of spending 20 minutes on a post for your social accounts, you can spend 20 minutes finishing off that pitch or preparing for your next meeting. There is no greater feeling than knowing you’re prepared or that you’ve done your best work on a project.


Spend some time on you, boo

Spending all your time at work or thinking about work, while good for your boss, is not good for you. Let your planning tool take control of the posting, spend that extra 20 minutes preparing for the next day, and then use the rest of the time maintaining your personal wellbeing. Although this now sounds a little bit like a chore in itself, looking after you can start with something as small as spending a few minutes playing with your puppy or calling your mum, cup of tea in hand. You don’t have to be a gym bunny or a health nut – simply taking the ten minutes you’d spend posting on Instagram, and going for a short walk or chatting to a friend instead is enough to keep you in the best frame of mind.

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