If you’re anything like us, you’re so excited to take the time over the Christmas break to put your feet up and indulge in everything that is Christmas. 

But when you’re a business owner with ads running even while you sleep, can you ever switch off? We understand this predicament! 

We’ve put together this handy checklist of things that you can do to ensure that you’re ads run smoothly while your gone:


1. Ensure that budgets are set correctly and there is money in the attached payment method. There’s nothing worse than a declined card stopping your ads.

2. Check your ad content and make sure there are no details about Christmas sales or other promotions that will be outdated before you return. Does anything look more unprofessional than promoting outdated content?

3. Do you have a system for responding to customer enquiries via comment or message, whether that is automatic responses or having a person on call? Delayed responses can be detrimental to your brand in the eyes of the consumer. Have a plan in place! 

4. Make sure your adjusted opening hours are clearly stated on both your website and social media so that it’s consistent.

5. Double check that your search terms, negative keywords and audiences are in line so that your ads are definitely showing to the right people over the period. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your $$.

We hope these tips will help you to take a little time to switch off over the Christmas period. Let the ads do the work for you while you get into the Christmas spirit.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas!