Hey there, my name is Frankie. Nice to meet you! With a strong eye for detail, I work as Knackmap’s trusty photographer, videographer and content director. Pretty cool, right?

It’s been about three months since I first started, and I’ve already been busy creating content in order to help build our clients online brand presence. With a camera in hand, a creative eye, and a thirst for new content – work wise, here’s what I’be been up to:

Elite Building and Renovations. 

When the boss tells you to go take some images around Adelaide with full creative reign, how can I say no? (No, but seriously I can’t say no. It’s in my contract) It’s been incredible weather too, so with our clients – Elite Building and Renovations, I’ve been driving around town to capture progress shots of each property’s renovation status. Of all the tradespeople, home owners and impressive renovations I was able to witness, here are a few of my favourite pictures. Bathroom goals, am I right?

Goowla PiPiCo.

There’s two things that I love most in life, and that’s food and photography (mainly food). Put them together and you get one happy worker! Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working hard on creating a set of images for six different recipes using our clients products, Goolwa PiPiCo pipis. The final product (both my images and of course the recipes) were a success! Looking forward for our client to roll out the images on their socials and website. Keep posted here: goolwapipico.com.

Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre. 

With the recent upgrades at the fabulous Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre, I was able to visit and see the changes with my own eyes! Although, I was extremely distracted with just how cute the kiddies all were, I definitely produced some cracking imagery and videos for their social media promotion. Be sure to keep posted with the final product on their channels: https://www.facebook.com/burnsidechildcarecentre/

And that’s been my week in review! What did you all think? Seeing as it’s Monday, I better get started on my actual work for this coming working week. Adios!

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