💡 We were right. 👍

Brand led, longer form funnels are better for brands in the long run.

We’ve done some internal research on our ad campaigns, as well as sought out evidence from external sources. 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

What did we find? Pure conversion based ads alone do not perform to the same calibre as ad campaigns that guide people through a larger part of the decision making process with broad brand messaging. Longer form brand building and revenue driving funnels are better for brands long-term, rather than simple “BUY NOW” re-targeting.

In our recent attendance at the SMMW19 event in San Diego, there was strong sentiment and evidence based validation of this as well. Brand based activities and engagements SUPPORT fading return on investments experienced by conversion only ads, by filling up the your ad campaign audiences with people who are interested in your brand…rather than EVERYONE who’s interacted with your brand, interested or otherwise.

Running conversion-only ads? Are you seeing dwindling return on your ad spend (ROAS)? Feel like your ads just aren’t working anymore? Maybe you’re running awareness-only ads?

If so, sounds like it’s time for you to shake things up.

Pair funnel to conversion based campaigns with brand based campaigns.

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