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Integrated Search and Shopping Campaigns

Google unveiled a few new ad types at day 1 of the conference and spoke at length about how Search is getting smarter, giving users and brands more chances for relevant and useful integration. The New Google Search The emphasis of Google’s new Search is on reducing ‘friction’ in the ways that people access information. […]

Anticipate To Win

One of the most engaging talks at this years GML was given by Google America’s president Allan Thygesen on the importance of anticipation in our modern world. Both the human and AI element is so important for anticipation, and successful brands can pair both together to weave their way through new technologies and markets. Some […]

Captivating and Driving Growth Through Video

YouTube is now being described as “where the world comes to watch video”. According to John Nicoletti, it has become a place not only for passion and learning but it has also become a place for people to spend money. 40% of people come to YouTube and purchase a product that they have discovered there […]

Google Marketing Live Keynote Recap – Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing Live took place over the past few days and for the first time, the event was live-streamed on YouTube. The conference explores upcoming and current developments to Google’s advertising platforms. It includes workshops, Q & A’s and presentations by some of Google’s major clients, showing advertisers and brands alike how new developments and […]


Admittedly, this has been a slower move for our Knackmap product. We are pleased to announce that our software is now secured in HTTPS for our app. Whilst our front end site has been secure for handling payments, and our authentications with social networks where utilising our HTTPS infrastructure, we’ve spent a big portion of […]

Marketing Automation: What is it really and how can it affect and improve your business?

Have you heard of Marketing Automation? It’s pretty awesome! Here is breakdown of what this handy process is. What is Marketing Automation? For those of you who don’t know, marketing automation helps marketers streamline and simplify their day-to-day tasks. Whether it is emails, social media or various other website actions being performed, the technology behind […]