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Instagram for Cafe’s

People always eat with their eyes, but now they expect their initial reaction to be ‘wow’. Instagram has created a do or die position for cafes who are social media sceptics. In an article published this year in the herald sun, a shop owner said “we have customers come in who don’t order from the menu […]

Instagram For Dummies

What is Instagram and who uses it? Instagram is a worldwide photo and video sharing platform with 500 million active monthly users. On the platform users can post content immediately or save it for later, with a ‘Stories’ features that allows you to post an image or video for just 24 hours. 53% of 18-29 […]

Instagram for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Being a startup or entrepreneur, you’ve often got quite a lot on your plate. Marketing is one of the things on your plate, and an easy trap that startups get caught in is the gadgets trap. Spending hours and hours on end every day trying out new tools and platforms with little luck because your time […]

Instagram for Accounting Firms: PlanGram Top Tips

Instagram for Accounting Firms, who would have thought this blog would be written 5 years ago? Accounting has often been thought of as a dry industry, built on face to face relationships, with trust instilled only from referrals offline. The problem with this rationale, is that asides from being an old out-dated thought process, is […]