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Why You Can Charge $2,000+ a Month for Social Media

A question about social media marketing that is thrown around on the regular is the price of it all. “I pay $40 a month for someone to sit on my social media and do everything.” Mmm… yeah, I’d be surprised. “I’m not willing to spend more than $300 per month on someone doing my social […]

Using Micro-influencers for Social Media Marketing

  Have you ever heard of the term micro-influencers? It’s those people trying to be insta-famous but aren’t quite living in beverly hills as a result of there Instagram following just yet. However, this does not mean by any stretch that they aren’t valuable. In fact, these micro-influencers may be even more valuable to a […]

State of Social Media 2016: What people think about the state of social media

There is a lot of these reports going around. Trying to tell you what you may or may not already know. But you know what? When the right questions are asked, there is some really interesting information that can be learnt. And if you knew it already, then you should be using it as an […]

5 New Content Solutions offered by Facebook

  Facebook is constantly evolving, and this is what keeps the platform to be one of the leading digital social media outlets for marketers. There are always cool new features being added to expand your engagement potential. Here are the 5 latest features offered that you should definitely check out. Instant Articles With Facebook’s Instant […]

RECAP: Amy Porterfield – How to Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads on a Budget

  At this year’s Social Media Marketing World conference, Amy Porterfield, a self-employed social media strategists and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies gave a great talk on growing emails lists on a budget. Speaking to a room of marketing mavens, she tells begins by explaining the importance of the email list. According to […]

Use Facebook Ad Bidding like a pro

Ready to get your hands dirty with some Facebook Ad Bidding? By taking you through to process of ad bidding, you’ll find that Facebook ad bidding is the perfect way for you to reach your campaign goals for less money. The bidding options for Facebook ads have changed slightly over time, to a point where they are […]