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RECAP: “Testing, Hustling and Outrageous Transparency in the Digital Age” with Gary Vee

  The event was packed. Rows of seats we packed with people, all waiting to see the session with Gary Vaynerchuk (AKA Gary Vee), hosted by Marcus Sheridan. The first statement made by Gary Vaynerchuk which caught my attention was, “We love the binary thing,” and as social media marketers and techies, he was right. […]

RECAP: “Breakthrough Growth Ideas: How Marketers Can Truly Fly” Presented by Mark Schaefer

  Social Media Marketing World was held in San Diego at the Convention Centre. SMMW16 is regarded as one of the most notable social media marketing conferences in the world, which covers topics on Social Media, Marketing, Business, Business Development and Marketing Strategies and far more. This year saw almost 3000 keen social media marketers from over 50 different countries […]

RECAP: What the Newest Social Media Marketing Research Reveals

I recently went to a conference and had the chance to listen to Michael Stelzner, one of the keynote speakers and founder of Social Media Examiner. On stage, he reminds us of the light at the end of troubling tunnel of marketing in the Digital Age. Admittedly, marketing is harder now than it has ever […]

SMMW16 RECAP: Mari Smith – How Companies Are Succeeding With Facebook (7 Power Tips)

At this year’s Social Media Marketing World event, the largest social media marketing conference in the world; showed nothing but talent in terms of speakers, and interesting sessions. The one and only Mari Smith, often referred to as the “Queen of Facebook”, was the perfect example of this. The Scottish-Canadian started her journey on Facebook […]

Use Facebook Ad Bidding like a pro

Ready to get your hands dirty with some Facebook Ad Bidding? By taking you through to process of ad bidding, you’ll find that Facebook ad bidding is the perfect way for you to reach your campaign goals for less money. The bidding options for Facebook ads have changed slightly over time, to a point where they are […]