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Marketing Automation: What is it really and how can it affect and improve your business?

Have you heard of Marketing Automation? It’s pretty awesome! Here is breakdown of what this handy process is. What is Marketing Automation? For those of you who don’t know, marketing automation helps marketers streamline and simplify their day-to-day tasks. Whether it is emails, social media or various other website actions being performed, the technology behind […]

Education and Transparency: Using Common Sense to Create a Thriving Social Media Presence

Earlier this month, I spoke about “Education and Transparency” at the Big Digital Adelaide conference. The event was put on at the Science Exchange and hosted some international speakers from Microsoft and RavenTools, as well as some local experts in the lineup including Dan Levy, Woj Kwasi and more. In my session, I had initially […]

The Three Golden Steps to Social Media Success

If you are, or know a social media marketer, you will know how long it takes to plan an ongoing marketing strategy.  Let alone, one that provides your business with the social media success it’s been dreaming of? Social Media Marketers make it look like a walk in the park, but what is beneath the […]

Own Your Data: Why Your Social Media Community Size is Becoming Less and Less Relevant to ROI

After attending the Social Media Marketing World 2017 event in San Diego, my head was bustling with ideas, collaborations and epiphanies. About data, about digital campaigns, about strategy, about social media community size. Not necessarily from the content being explicitly spoken about, but also the implied trends and conversations with the people on the ground. […]

Automation: There Is a Time and a Place

There is an age old debate in the world of social media: is automation a blessing or a virus that kills every good platform’s engagement? Now, it could be thought that given we have automation features in our software for users to access, we probably have a biased opinion. Well, if we’re honest, we are biased. […]