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Social Media Marketing World 2019 Recap: Josh’s Review!

Well, that’s another one down! Once again I attended the 2019 Social Media Marketing World event. Held in San Diego and run by Social Media Examiner, this event is by far the best event for learning about what is really going on in the commercial world of social media. I’ve been going for the last […]

Content Director: What I’m Up To Now [September]

Hey there, my name is Frankie. Nice to meet you! With a strong eye for detail, I work as Knackmap’s trusty photographer, videographer and content director. Pretty cool, right? It’s been about three months since I first started, and I’ve already been busy creating content in order to help build our clients online brand presence. […]

Harcourts WA Kickstart Conference

Earlier in February, CEO and Founder Josh White spoke in Perth at the Harcourts WA Kickstart 2018 Conference. Alongside Gregg Toyama and Bridget Gabites, Josh educated the room of agents and property managers about his winning strategy for social media marketing as a real estate agent. Whilst not having the real estate agent background, Josh […]

8 Social Posts Types to Reinvigorate Your Online Presence

It is not hard to fall into the trap of writing the “same old, same old”. If your brands social media growth has plateaued and your strategy feels too predictable, the following post types may well help bring new life to your social channels content. 1. ENGAGEMENT POSTS This post type is probably the simplest […]

SEO: A basic understanding

SEO: A basic understanding Over the past few years, search engines much like Google and Bing have become the standard for discovering information. Whatever you may be searching for, whether it is a company or a certain individual, you will always get relative information in return. You may often ask yourself though, “Why do these […]

Why there is such an importance to having a strong social media presence for your business.

In retrospect, its quite amazing to think how quickly Social Media came onto the scene and swept the world, changing the marketing ecosphere forever. It wasn’t too long ago now that businesses relied heavily on other strategies like word of mouth and email marketing to get their message out to their target audience. While these […]