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Social Media Marketing: Plan To Create Content That Matters

  Big Digital Adelaide was held for the first time in Australia in 2016, as part of the event schedule for Entrepreneurs Week 2016. The event was fantastic, with speakers from all over the world coming to share there knowledge about Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing and other Digital Marketing activities. You can see a full […]

Cut the Clutter: Ways To Clean Up Your Work Life And Be Ultra Efficient

  Recently, I spoke at Social Media Day Adelaide. I mentioned a couple of points about cutting the clutter in our work life to ensure we can be more efficient in our time as Social Media Marketers. With social media always under scrutiny for return on investment from Managers, I think that it is uber […]

Sensis Social Media Report 2016 Run Down: What You Should Know About Australian People and Businesses Using Social Media

  On June 1st, one of Australia’s largest marketing service company, Sensis, released its annual social media report. The report details a number of stats reflective of the continuous rise of social media and networking in Australia, while also explaining how people are using it and how businesses are benefitting. The People Australians are connected to […]

RECAP: What the Newest Social Media Marketing Research Reveals

I recently went to a conference and had the chance to listen to Michael Stelzner, one of the keynote speakers and founder of Social Media Examiner. On stage, he reminds us of the light at the end of troubling tunnel of marketing in the Digital Age. Admittedly, marketing is harder now than it has ever […]

Use Facebook Ad Bidding like a pro

Ready to get your hands dirty with some Facebook Ad Bidding? By taking you through to process of ad bidding, you’ll find that Facebook ad bidding is the perfect way for you to reach your campaign goals for less money. The bidding options for Facebook ads have changed slightly over time, to a point where they are […]

Case Study: Old Spice mixes it up on YouTube

Old Spice, a body wash for men created a social media campaign in 2010 using a ‘ladies man’ and former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa which was based around the videos uploaded to YouTube (which was also shown on Television). The Old Spice campaign has proven to be one of the most memorable creative marketing and […]